Saturday, 31 July 2010

Random Fact #6

I hate it when people use pet names for their "soulmate" on FB and what not.

I mean come on, really? Like seriously? "Hunny take care! I wuv you too Bunny! My wittle Hubby! Munchkin! Sweetie poopie! My bitch!" *rolls eyes* They're pet names. Special little names you give to your special someone. Its not special if you (and every other couple) out there start plastering what you call your man/woman on my news feed. I honestly don't want to know what name you call each other during sex. I know you guys are dating. Its already there in your stupid status which is available also in my news feed every time you update it. What I don't need is for you to flaunt unnecessary virtual PDA. It's gross enough that I have to physically tolerate it in reality. And its downright embarrassing when you do break up later on and then have it written down in the memories of your 700+ "friends" list that you've been calling said girlfriend "snookums" and later on calling them whores when they break up with you. Geez.


kiyuu said...

ada yg panggil bf@husband diorang gumuk (gemuk) .. haha.. kesian T_T

Intan said...

really? yang tuh i tak pernah baca la >_<